Online Share Large Files of Almost Any Type Up To 200 MB With Catbox

Catbox is a free service to share large files of almost any type up to 200 MB. You are not forced by the service to go through a sign-up process, submit your mobile number or do some other task to use it.

You can access the service homepage and then add files that you want to share. The best part is that you can add multiple MP3, TXT, JPG, ZIP, MP4, AVI, or any other format files and it will accept those files. So from documents to Videos, Archives to Audio files, it supports almost all types of files. Only SRC, CPL, and EXE files are not supported.

When a file is uploaded, a unique sharing URL is generated at the very moment. Clicking that URL copies it to the clipboard and then you can give it to anyone as per the choice.

share large files up to 200 MB

The other users also don’t have to wait for a few seconds which is a common issue of other services. Where other services force you to wait for a few seconds or subscribe the premium plan to get better speed and immediate download, this service lets you download the file based on your Internet connection and nothing else.

Catbox is way easier to use than you might have expected. You open the homepage and drop the files from PC for sharing. One by one, all the dropped files are start getting uploaded. If you have to share a file which is available online, then you can also add the link of that file and then generate the sharing link.

add or drop files for sharing

For every single uploaded file, a unique sharing URL is generated. You can click it and then it will be copied to the clipboard. Now you got what you needed. Send this sharing URL to anyone you want. The other person can open that URL and download the file you have just shared.

Everything with this service is quite good and you might have already started using it. It is better than using an email client or service which is restricted to 25 MB or 50 MB file upload limit. This is a plus point of this service that it supports 200 MB files at a time, but other services are also present which support 1 GB or 2 GB upload limit for a single file. My closing words are that the service is better when you need to share some big files to your friend or colleague remotely. It is not the only service out there but yes a quicker option available in the competition.

Homepage of Catbox.

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