Online Create Marketing Videos, Presentations, Instructional Videos in Just 3 Steps

VideoBurst website helps to create marketing videos, presentations, instructional videos, etc in just 3 steps. All you need to do is select a template, create the video, and publish. The trend of marketing and communication has changed tremendously in the past 10 years. Earlier, from ads, pamphlets, images to now the video clips, companies have adopted methods to improve marketing so that they can gain the attention of the audience and grow their business. Nothing explains better than a video. Therefore, to catch the attention of people, a good video that can explain you business matters a lot. And, VideoBurst is a good platform to create professional videos.

To make a video, it has a library of templates to choose from, and more and more templates are adding day by day. The free plan that I have used for testing lets you create 3 HD videos (1080p) with free cloud storage to store videos and free streaming. You can’t download your videos, change the logo, colors, etc. To overcome the limitations, the website has two plans that you can buy the ‘Plus’ and the ‘Enterprise’. You can check the plans on their Pricing page. However, it is better to first try the free plan which is quite good to create marketing videos and other videos. This will also give you an idea if you should go ahead to buy the paid plan or not.


Create Marketing Videos, Instructional Videos, Presentations, Etc and Publish Them:

The homepage introduces itself with a beautiful layout and offers a free account. Scroll down the page to know more about the plans and billing part. Get a free account to test the application. After creating and verifying the account, it will show the demo about how to create the video. Please go through it once as that will help you in understanding the steps.


You can go through the tutorial any number of times by clicking on ‘Help’.

Let us create a video. I choose one of the smallest templates and started the process.


You can edit the template the way you want. You can upload your company’s logo, change the time for how long the video will be played. As you can see above, I uploaded the ‘Techcollecto’ logo and I changed the audio as well. These are the premium options, but available for trial in the free plan. You see, templates are there to help you so that whatever stuff you have, just add it and it will be organized by VideoBurst.

Even after creating the video, you have an option to edit it. Unless you click on Publish, the video is editable all the times. You can filter the video templates from the different categories. Video will be editable in parts as you can see in the above image. What I am trying to say is the steps goes in a flow and tutorial is available all the times so that you will not lose your track.


You can find your videos in ‘my videos’ i.e. drafts.

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So, really a great option to create professional videos fast and easily and improve marketing process. In the free plan, it does not give much options to explore but for a premium one, it has a lot of options that you can choose from and access to all the templates. Still, thr free plan is quite interesting and clears everything.

Visit VideoBurst.

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