Online Convert A Webpage To PDF, ePub, Word, RTF, TXT, and ODT File

We can save any webpage as HTML file using right-click context menu without using any tool. However, when we are looking for the option to save a webpage to PDF, ePub, Word, RTF, TXT, or any other format file, that context menu doesn’t come in handy. Then the choice left with us is either download a software or use some add-on. Still, the problem is that software and add-ons can help to convert a webpage to DOC or PDF or ePUB, but not in all of these formats.

At that time, we look further to find if there is some other way that can help us transform a webpage to multiple document formats. The answer is Yes! Using Document Cyborg website, we can turn a webpage to ePUB, RTF, TXT, ODT, Word, and PDF format files.

What’s so good about this website is that it gives only the relevant output. That means, no useless content or ads are downloaded to the output file. Also, after getting the output in one format, we can click another option to get the second output without refreshing the website homepage.

So, one thing is crystal cleared that you will get the content that matters to you. The only thing to be remembered is that the website doesn’t give expected output for the homepages of the websites. It can give satisfactory output when we have to convert an article, news, or some other webpage to some document.

Convert Webpage To PDF, ODT, ePUB, TXT, RTF, and Word File:

Once you are on the homepage of this webpage conversion website, you can enter the URL of the webpage that you want to convert and then press any of the given buttons.

transform a webpage to pdf doc txt

You can use Get PDF, ODT, Word, or other button and then the website will analyse the webpage and give you the output. If you just need the text content, you can use TXT as output. Otherwise, if you need webpage text content along with hyperlinks and images, you can use Word or PDF as the output file.

If your need is to fetch only the images from a webpage, then you may read this article.

Document Cyborg is what we need at the time when someone needs a copy of a specific webpage as a document. We have the native options of browsers using which we can turn a webpage into HTML or PDF file, but these options are not sufficient for us. When we are looking for an easier way to save a webpage to PDF, DOC, ePUB, or RTF file, Document Cyborg can be our best solution.

Visit the website.

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