The No More Ransom Project By Kaspersky Lab and Intel Security

The No More Ransomware Project is an initiative by Kaspersky Lab, Intel Security, Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre, and National High Tech Crime Unit of the Netherlands’ police. The purpose and main aim of these forces is clear that “users don’t have to pay any ransom for the data that belongs to them only”.

Ransomware is one of the dangerous malware, that once attacks, encrypts the targeted folders and files. Then, attackers ask for the ransom in return of the decryption key. That key can help to get back the data in the normal form. However, there is no guarantee that the user will get back the files. You must have heard about those dangerous ransomware named as- Locky, Cryptography, CTB-LOCKER, Padcrypt, etc. The users affected by these ransomware know how dangerous these could be.

Therefore, these security groups are gathered to help users get back their original files/folders without any ransom. They have come together with a website “No-More-Ransom” which helps users to find the decryption keys of the files attacked by some ransomware. The website repository contains the applications and keys that can help to decrypt the data affected by the known ransomware.

if your data is attacked by ransomware or not

You can upload TXT or HTML file affected by ransomware and check if the decryption key is available. If there is some solution, then you can easily decrypt the data, and get back all the important stuff.

However, if the decryption is not available, then a sorry message will be in front of you.

nothing found

This doesn’t mean that your file is infected and there is no cure. The same message can be shown even if you have added a file not affected by ransomware.

If you have any doubt, you can try this website and check if your important files are affected by ransomware or not. The website is not the complete solution. However, it has decryption keys and applications that could help you.

You should also prevent PC before ransomware attack. Therefore, I would suggest you to install some reputed anti ransomware software (Bitdefender anti-ransomware, Kaspersky Anti-Ransomware Tool for Business, etc.). Be safe and enjoy!

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