The Most Dangerous Writing App: Keep Typing To Save Written Text

Let’s assume that you wrote a long paragraph or some important text and someone deleted that text (accidentally or intentionally) before you would have saved it. You would definitely turn to the Angry Bird or Hulk, right? But, here’s a free web app that is designed to delete the written text intentionally. That cruel web app is “The Most Dangerous Writing App“.

The main aim of this web app is to let you keep typing or all the written text is gonna vanish. Yes, you heard it right! It gives you only 5 seconds before all the text vanishes, and there’s no way to get back that text.

The service has a normal mode and hardcore mode. The normal mode shows the written text and the Hardcore mode blurs everything except the currently typed character while typing. For each mode, you can select the Session length: 3 Mins, 5 Mins, 10 Mins, etc. You have the choice to start with any mode you want. Maybe, this service is good for the people have good typing speed (like me) or others who believe that they can type as long as they want. The regular users have to struggle until they become addicted to this app or increase their typing speed.

the most dangerous writing app gif

The GIF above shows a very short demonstration of what this web app is all about. When the writing session is over, it shows the total number of words written by you in that time period. This is also useful to check your typing speed. You can also share the score on your Twitter account, but do you really gonna share a score which is below average or average? So, you must type like a pro before you share what you did.

You can use this web app without worrying about any sign up process. The homepage of this Most Dangerous Writing App will help you select the session time and Hardcore mode. You can Start with normal mode also.

The Most Writing Typing App

When the writing session is begun, no one is gonna help you. Keep typing as long as you can. To save the written text, it gives you only 5 seconds. You can copy all the text and paste that text into Windows Notepad or any other text editor. Otherwise, all your hard work will vanish.

My experience with this Most Dangerous Writing App was really wonderful. I have good typing speed and can always ready for a long typing session. You might be wondering if you can do the same or not. Well, you can do for sure. Just try it once to check how good you are in typing.

Homepage of this web app.

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