Manage Chrome Tabs and Suspend Unnecessary Tabs To Categories

Managing tabs while working on a browser is always a challenge especially when near about a dozen tabs are opened. While it is too difficult to handle tabs manually, the same task becomes easier using a good add-on. Those using Chrome browser here is a very interesting extension “Toby” that can help you manage Chrome tabs. This extension lives in every new tab so you can access it easily and in a single click.

It shows the list of all the opened tabs and lets you move any tab to a custom list of your choice. The tabs that are moved to categories become suspended tabs and those tabs are not visible in the open tabs list. Thus, if there are 12 tabs visible in the browser window, you can move 4 or 5 unnecessary tabs to any category and then you will have 7-8 tabs on the active window. This helps you manage tabs and work more effectively.

The extension also works when you have opened multiple windows.


In the above image, what you see is a new tab of my Chrome browser. At the right side, here you can see the list of all the opened tabs. And the rest of the part is used to create custom lists and move any open tab to any of those lists. You can move any open tab to a list by dragging and dropping.

Other interesting Chrome extensions:

This extension also lets you launch all the suspended tabs in a click. All those tabs opened in the active window. If there are too many tabs added in the categories, then you can also take the help of Search feature of this extension.

So, everything is there for users to manage Chrome tabs conveniently. Whether we are doing some research or have opened browser for some other purpose, working with at least 7-8 tabs is a common thing. When it becomes difficult to handle multiple tabs, extensions like Toby can be very helpful. Wanna try it? Hit the link added below.

Visit the extension homepage.

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