Add Notes To YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo Videos using This Chrome Extension

Watching videos online for studying, entertainment, etc., is a daily routine and we have many popular sources (YouTube, Netflix, Vimeo, TED, and more) for that. While watching a video, a flood of thoughts comes in mind and we try to store notes related to an important scene, but here comes the real trouble. When the video ends, our thoughts also fade the moment we switch over to the next video. There are plenty tools to store notes, hundreds of note taking apps and extensions and other stuff available. However, storing the notes related to a video separately can be confusing the next time we open the same notes.

What if I tell you that we can add notes to any video and access them later by playing the same video? It would be a great relief and more productive too, right? Yeah! there is a way through which we can capture our thoughts on videos and have a look at those notes anytime we want. TurboNote Chrome extension is one such free option what I am talking about.

This TurboNote extension lets you add notes on any part of the video and supports many popular video streaming and sharing sites. You can bookmark a video first or add notes directly and refer those notes anytime for study or entertainment. The fantastic part is that you can jump to any position of video by clicking the note added in that position.

add notes to videos and use them anytime

Currently, the extension is available with its beta version, but it works like the stable release.

Add Notes To YouTube, Vimeo, or Other Video Sites:

The installation process is really easy and after installation, just visit a YouTube video page or some other video site. When you will visit a video page, it will give you the option on the top left corner of the video to Bookmark it. Use that Bookmark icon or directly start adding notes by clicking on the hamburger icon (visible in yellow color) at the right side as shown below:

bookmark video or directly add notes

Click that yellow icon and you will be presented the menu of TurboNote. Enter the text or note and pressing the Enter key will save that note. Now when you move to some other position in video, you can add another note to that specific position. All the notes are saved automatically. The next time you will open the same video, click that yellow icon and use Search icon visible in that pop-up. All your notes will visible. Isn’t it great! You can also see how many videos have been bookmarked and notes stored by you.

view stored notes and bookmarked videos

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A note can also be edited as there is an Edit icon available for every single note. When editing the note, the video is paused automatically. You can create several notes on any video and close the tab.

Now, after navigating away from the page if you want to visit the video again, just click on the extension icon and the bookmarked videos will visible. Once you click on the bookmarked video, it will present the same page again along with all your notes which you had made.

In short, all I can say is TurboNote Chrome extension is what you need to store notes on videos. Chrome users can enjoy using this extension without any cost. If you are already impressed with this extension, install it.

TurboNote Homepage.

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