Know the Country You Are Going To Visit with Basetrip Website

Hi, guys! Planning to go for a trip? Don’t know much about the country you are going to visit? Worry not, as some really good sites are there to help you plan the trip with all the knowledge you need. Basetrip is one such website.

From visa requirements to currency, electricity to the conversation, the cost of living to credit & debit cards, weather to the internet and other stuff, it gives you as much information as possible.

There is less to talk about than to show what this site offers to you. The first page is to select the country you are currently living in and the country where you wish to go to.

select countries

That is it! Hit that “get travel information” button and you will be presented a lot of information that is worth knowing before you travel to your destination. I selected France (one of my favorite travel spots) and at the starting, it is briefing me about France, Electricity, and weather there.

information related to country

As you scroll down, you will get more information like Communication, internet, Tipping is expected or not, Email, country’s dialling code, etc. Everything in this website is well structured as you can see in the image below.

more info

Further, you can get to know about a lot of things like Road Rules, exchange rates, about Money, transportation, the cost of living, etc.


So, this website can be very helpful to know the country you are going to visit and plan accordingly. Further, you can add additional information about the country by joining as a member here. Just click on “Join” on top right corner, sign up with an email address and start adding comments.

When we plan a trip to other countries, a lot of questions come in our mind like what will be the expenses, how will be the people there, important phone numbers, environment, food, etc. All these questions really matter. Basetrip helps to provide the answers to all such questions.

Link to visit the website : Basetrip.

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