Intentionally Hide Your Gmail Inbox Using This Chrome Extension

Many times I feel that I shouldn’t look at my Gmail Inbox because I’m not ready to attend those emails or need some better time to view and wrap them up. If the same happens to you, then this Chrome extension is probably the one that can help us.

This Chrome extension “Inbox When Ready for Gmail” automatically hides the Gmail Inbox and gives the option to view it again whenever we want. It is available publicly in beta version at present, but my testing gives the indications that it works like a stable version. So, anyone can use it.

There is another feature that you will love to try. You can schedule the time to hide and then automatically visible the Inbox. The extension works for Gmail web app as well as Inbox by Gmail web interface.

Gmail Inbox is hidden

What you may like a lot about this extension is that you don’t need to configure settings. When the extension is installed, it automatically hides the Inbox of the Gmail you are currently logged in. Opening the Gmail will show a blank space instead of your emails. However, there will be a “Show Inbox” button to instantly view the inbox.

The extension serves you like the way you want it to be. It will work the same way for Inbox web app.

Inbox is hidden for Inbox web app

To schedule the days and time to activate this extension, you can access Options of this extension. You can “Enable Inbox Lockout” option and then select days and time when you want to keep this extension enabled.

schedule time to hide gmail inbox

At that time, your Inbox will remain hidden. When the time is over, it will be visible to you again. You may have to refresh the tab to view the Inbox.

So this is what we get with this Chrome extension. It might be a useless thing for some people, but can be a much-needed extension for many others.

My closing words are that the extension does what is committed by the owner and team. Of course, a thumbs up from my side. This extension is not at all useful for people who have the profession to keep an eye on the new emails. Otherwise, they may have to suffer. But, the same extension is a boon for all of those who need some time before they indulge with their Gmail Inbox.

Link to visit this Chrome extension.

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