Import Your Vine Videos To Giphy As Animated GIFs

Giphy (or GIPHY) is a popular platform to share and view animated GIFs and Vine is a famous platform to share short (maximum six seconds) videos. However, recently, Vine announced that Twitter will be discontinuing the mobile app. Nothing is gonna happen to your Vine videos because you will still be able to access your Vines. Only thing is that you won’t be able to upload new vines.

Still, if you are anxious and want a backup of your Vine videos, then GIPHY would be the perfect platform. Yes! Giphy is now available with the option to upload all your Vine videos and access them whenever you want. The only difference is that your Vine videos will be converted to animated GIFs. Also, one Giphy account is restricted to one Vine account import (you may contact Giphy team if you owe multiple accounts) and you can do this only one time.


So, if you are OK and ready with that and want to import your vine videos as animated GIFs on Giphy, then you may follow the steps mentioned in this article.

Steps To Import Your Vine Videos As Animated GIFs On Giphy:

Step 1: You may find the link at the end of this article to open ‘GIPHY Loves Vine’ homepage. It won’t be wrong if I call it as You may call it as Vine to GIF or Vine importer or Vine converter tool also. When you are on that page, the very first thing for you to do is sign up to Giphy or sign in if you already have a GIPHY account.


Step 2: After logging to Giphy account, you need to paste the URL of your Vine account (your Vine profile URL).


Step 3: Now click the Import button and the process to convert Vine to GIF and importing them to your Giphy account will start automatically. The whole process depends on the total number of Vines available on your account. You may close the tab because when the whole library of your Vine account is imported, an email will be sent to you.


After that, you can open your GIPHY account and access all your Vine videos as animated GIFs. The source URL of the imported vine will also be added so that you can open the original Vine video anytime.

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There is no option here to import the Vines liked by you. Only those vines which are uploaded by you can be backed up. I guess Giphy has come with this feature at the right time. If you haven’t backup your Vine videos to Giphy, then you should do this quickly. It’s good to have a backup, no matter if it is about vines or some other important stuff.

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