How To Turn Off or On Read Receipts for Twitter DMs

You must have already know that Twitter has introduced three new features for DMs for Android and iOS users: Read Receipts, Typing Indicators, and Web Link Previews. While there are users excited with these new features, many other users also concerned with Read Receipts feature. What if they don’t want let senders know that they have read their messages? Well, Twitter has also provided the option to turn off Read Receipts.

You can easily turn off Read Receipts in a click and keep using Twitter like you were using it before. Whenever you need, you can turn on this feature to know when someone read your message or let others know when you read their messages.

Read Receipts feature shows a single tick mark (in grey color) and time, which indicates that the other person has read your message in that particular time. You can see the same in the image added below. The only difference is that single tick mark will be in grey color and not in blue color.

read receipts

When you will access DMs for the first time after the introduction of this Read Receipts feature, you will get the same message as visible in the image above.

To turn off read receipts, you can update your privacy settings anytime you want. For doing so, Open Settings > privacy and content > Send/Receive Read Receipts. You will see that this option is enabled by default.

turn off read receipts

Give a tap to turn it off. It’s as simple as that! When you want to use it again, simply turn on this feature.

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Read Receipts is not a new feature as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and others have already introduced it a long time before. Now, Twitter has also added this feature, though it is not available for web version til now. However, people who send DMs using their Android and iOS devices, they now can use this feature as well as turn it off temporarily or permanently.

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