How To Send Any Gmail Email As SMS To Any Contact

Emails matter a lot especially on workplaces and when you are working on a project with your team members. However, the bitter truth is that most of the times, emails are ignored or remain out of focus for many reasons. So, what when you have to remind someone that he/she should have a look at the work that is assigned to him/her. Phone Call? Okay! that’s a good option, but what when someone is not interested or simply ignoring the call? At that time, perhaps, an SMS can be a solid weapon because almost everyone read text messages sent to them. Also, to receive a text message, no internet connection is required. Although we can easily send text messages using our phones, but how about sending an email directly as a text message to any of your contact? That’s quite interesting and helpful, isn’t it! There is a Chrome extension which is built for the same.

Send Your Email to SMS (by cloudHQ) is that Chrome extension that lets you send any email available in your Gmail as a text message. It doesn’t work for Drafts and new messages, but work for any email available in your Gmail inbox, Sent label, etc. You just have to open an email, enter contact number along with country code, your message and subject, and then you can send that email as text message to your team member, colleague, friend, etc.

email sent as text message

This is an example above that shows email received as a text message.

Before sending an email as text message, a unique link is created for that particular email by cloudHQ. That link is used to access the full content of the email that you have sent as text message. The SMS shows a brief information about the email. Also, SMS contains the link of the email using which the receiver can read the full email. This is how the extension helps you send any email as SMS directly from Gmail.

text url

The image above shows the link of a particular email opened in Chrome browser.

You must also be wondering if this extension works only for a specific country or different countries. The answer is this extension works for many countries (India, US, UK, and many more). You just have to use the country code and phone number to send the email as text.

Learn How To Send A Gmail Email As SMS To A Phone Number Using This Extension:

Step 1: The homepage link of Send Your Email to SMS extension is added at the end of this tutorial. You can open the link and install the extension.

Step 2: Your Gmail account is opened automatically (if already logged in) in a new tab and a pop-up will open prompting you to create a free account so that you can use this extension. You also have to permit this extension to access your basic email settings and other items.

create an account

Step 3: Refresh the tab. Now the extension is ready to serve you. Open an email and you will find a ‘Phone‘ icon just next to the delete icon. Click the phone icon and you will see a pop-up. The pop-up first generates a link for your email and then provides options for sending the email as text message.

enter mobile number and message

As you can see above, you need to enter message, subject, country code and phone number.

Step 4: This is the final step. Press that “Forward as a Text Message” button.

Your email is sent as text message.

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This extension is not meant for creating new messages from Gmail, there are other services for that. It is built to send important emails as SMS directly from Gmail and I must say it works the way it should work.

Here, one more thing to be considered that the extension doesn’ help you check if the recipient has read your message or not. So, do not completely rely on the extension when something is very important. Still, this extension is a better option when you want to notify others about some important email. Just open any email and send or forward it as a text message.

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