Capture Webpage Screenshots In Chrome Without Using Any Extension

You might not be aware of the fact that you can capture webpage screenshots in Chrome without using any extension. Yes, this is possible with a built-in option or feature of Chrome browser. We can take webpage screenshot at different resolutions along with landscape and portrait modes. Also, the screenshot of the active or visible part of a webpage can be captured using this built-in feature.

It also helps to set resolution by the device (like Nexus 5X, iPhone 6S, iPad, Galaxy S5, Kindle Fire HDX, etc.) and take the screenshot. This way, you can also check how a responsive website looks at different resolutions and devices. You can also capture the screenshot with or without the device frame. The captured screenshot is saved to default download directory automatically as PNG image.


You can look at the image above where the screenshot preview with and without device frame is visible.

Steps Needed To Capture Webpage Screenshots In Chrome Without Using Any Extension:

To capture a webpage screenshot, we need to take the help of “Developers tools”, which is another native and one of the important features of Chrome browser. Here are all the necessary steps to help you capture webpage screenshot:

Step 1: Open a webpage and press F12 to open Developer tools. Or else, you can click those ‘three vertical dots‘ icon, access More tools menu, and then click on Developer tools option.


Step 2: Now you need to Toggle device toolbar. You can do this by clicking the associated icon (visible in the image added below) or using the hotkey ‘Ctrl+Shift+M’.


Step 3: After completing the second step, you will find that the webpage is automatically adjusted to the default device resolution. You can scroll down or up the webpage to adjust it for the screenshot. You can also switch to some other device, use Edit menu to add more devices or set the custom resolution. You can also switch between landscape and portrait modes. All these options are available on the top. You can see those options highlighted in the image below.


Step 4: By default, there won’t be any frame for the selected device. However, device frame option can be enabled using the three vertical dots icon. It opens a pop-up where the option to ‘Show device frame’ is visible. You might have to refresh the tab or switch to some other device to view the frame. The pop-up also provides Capture screenshot option.


Use both the options as per the requirement and save the screenshot of that webpage. It is too simple, isn’t it!

There are hundreds of useful and free screenshot capture software, add-ons, and other tools available. However, those who mostly avoid installing 3rd-party products on their PCs, they will find this feature quite useful and interesting. Using Developer tools, we can capture webpage screenshots in Chrome without using any extension. It can’t help us capture the entire webpage, but still, the feature is very good. Try it yourself and enjoy.

via (Digital Inspiration).

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