Google Duo: Free Video Calling App with Live Preview and End To End Encyption

Google Duo is a free video calling app for Android and iOS. Where some popular apps (Skype, Line, etc.) already available for video calling, Google has introduced its own app to join the competition. Like the other apps, Google Duo doesn’t come with a complicated interface and multiple options to play. It has a very simple UI where you just need to select a person from your contacts list to start the video call.

One to one video call is made so easy by this app. Also, there is the end to end encryption support for video and/or audio chat, which is a really good feature.

The app also has a unique feature. You can live preview video call (Android only) before picking up the call. That means, when someone will call you on Duo app, you can see what she/he is doing before you actually pick up the call. The app also comes with smooth switching from WiFi to cellular data. So, you can continue to enjoy the calling.

end to end video calling app with live preview

Google Duo doesn’t prompt you to sign up before you can use this app. All it needs is your mobile number for the registration. When you have done that, you can video chat with any other person available in the contact list who has installed this app.

Before the call is started, a message will be shown to you that Knock Knock is on. That means the preview is active and the receiver can see you live without picking up the call. It is quite similar like someone knocks on your door and you use peephole to view that person before opening the door.

preview the incoming call

The call is started with end to end encryption which keeps the privacy and security.

The recently called contacts are visible directly on the main screen. So you don’t have to scroll down the contact list to search for a recently called contact.

Google Duo also takes care about the preferences of its users. For that, it has a few options that you can customize using the Settings. You can disable Knock Knock feature, limit mobile data usage (feature similar like available in WhatsApp), add a number or contact to block list, etc.

customize the settings

Google Duo app has come with a straightforward purpose “to provide a simple video calling app to iOS and Android users”. This app is doing really well to serve this purpose. Your calls are secured with encryption, you can preview a call, mute audio anytime, disable video, and enjoy this app. There is no option to start the text chat with any contact, but this is not why this app is introduced by Google. It is there to help users to use video calls with ease. Try it and start your first video call.

Link to visit the app.

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