Google Announced Android Add-ons for Google Docs and Sheets Apps

This is an exciting news for many Android users that Google has announced Android add-ons for Google Docs and Sheets apps. Total 9 Android apps are integrated. It’s a boon for everyone who is using Android device for opening and editing the documents using Google Docs or Sheets apps on Android. Here is the announcement that you can read.

The web versions of Google Docs and Sheets have tons of add-ons, but this is the first step that many popular Android apps can be used as Google Docs/Sheets add-on.

You must be curious to know the name of those Android apps which are now integrated with Google Docs & Sheets. Well, here are the names- DocuSign, AppSheet, Zoho CRM, Teacher Aide, PandaDoc, Scanbot, EasyBid, Google Classroom, and ProsperWorks CRM.

This initiative can turn to be a right decision and strong step to make Google Docs and Sheets apps for Android mark a huge score. Earlier, we knew Google Docs and Sheets as web apps, but this decision is strongly gonna make a marvelous impression.

Google introduced add-ons for Google Docs and sheets apps

What you see above are the total number of Android apps that are integrated with the Android versions of Google Docs and Google Sheets.

Here’s a catch! You might not be able to use these apps if the update is not rolled out in your country. To make sure if you can use these apps as add-ons, here are two important points:

  • Your Google Docs and Sheets apps are updated.
  • You have already installed the supported apps on your Android devices. Otherwise, you will have to first install these add-ons and then you can use them as Google Docs & Sheets add-ons.

If the above conditions are met, then open Google Docs or Sheets on your Android device and then open a document for editing.

Now you have to access Add-ons menu which can be accessed using those “three vertical dots” icon. Then after, you can install any of these supported add-ons and use them. If not this, then use Google Play Collection and there you can find all the Android apps which have been integrated with Google Docs & Sheets.

This is surely a solid decision taken by Google to attract more and more users to use Google Sheets and Docs on Android devices. Most of the steps taken by Google so far have created a milestone. So, this would be really interesting how long this step is gonna benefited Google to attract the users.

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