Free Website Downloader, Grab All Pages, Tags, Feed In HTML

Ever wished to grab the source code, pages, tags, feed, author info, images, and other stuff of a website? It’s not the need of every second user but it matters a lot to many other people. If you are among those users, then you should try this free Website Downloader¬†service. Although every single web browser comes with feature (Ctrl+U hotkey) to view the source code of any website, but fetching the images, pages, and the¬†other information of a website is more than viewing the source code. Therefore, this free website downloader service is there to help.

Website Downloader automatically fetches every possible information from a website and gives a zip archive to download. The information is provided as HTML files so you can use it even when you are offline.

This service shows the preview of the website you have entered and provides a download link for the zip file.

downlaod zip file containing all stuff of website

The zip file can’t be downloaded until you share this website on your Twitter or Facebook page, but there is another way to get the zip. You can give your email address before fetching the contents of the website. When the zip file is ready, you will be given zip file link in the email which you can click and get the zip file.

This free website downloader service is too easy to use. You are not forced to sign up or do other things to use it. When you are on the homepage of this website, you need to enter the URL of the website whose information you want to fetch and your email address. Then hit that Download button and it will start fetching the contents of the website.

enter website address and email to receive zip file

When the downloading is finished, an email is sent to you that contains the link to the zip file.

Extracting the zip file will show all the folders and HTML files related to that website. Everything for you is to the point. You will get what you want.

Apart from sending the zip file link to your email address, this service also shows the preview of the website you have entered and a button to get the zip file. However, as I mentioned, you will get zip file only if you will share this service to Twitter or Facebook. You want to do that, go ahead! If you don’t want to share, leave it. You are not forced to share website.

Already decided to use this service? Then visit the service and enjoy.

Link to visit this service.

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