Free Unofficial Instagram Desktop App: Ramme

Instagram for desktop is not available officially yet. However, some third-party apps exist to enjoy using Instagram from the desktop, without any browser. Ramme is one such unofficial Instagram desktop app available for free.

It is also available for Mac and Linux. People who want to or prefer using Instagram from the desktop, this new app would be a good option to try.

Ramme has included all the features that you already find in the official web app of Instagram. You can browse and read the feeds, view your profile, check the list of followers and following people, watch videos, view photos, like and comment on the posts of your followers, discover people, and do other things. You might also be expecting an option to upload photos using its interface, but it can’t be done because it might violate the rules.

It is portable also so you can keep it in your USB and use on any desktop without even worrying about the installation part.

home section

It has a neat and clean UI, but one thing that you might not like is that you can’t use its interface in full size because this feature is not there. I believe the developer should pay attention here and try to provide full screen view mode if it is possible. Anyways, let’s move forward to find what we get with this free Instagram desktop app.

Start the app and login with your Instagram account.

an unoffical desktop client for Instagram

There are four main icons or sections available at the right side on the interface: Home, Search, Like, and Profile. I guess there is no need to explain what we can do using these icons. The icons are self explanatory. We can read the feeds, discover or search people, view notifications, and check our profile.

discover people

While testing the app, everything worked very well, except the notification feature that shows who liked a photo, followed you, and more. It was just showing a loading icon and nothing else. Also, I wasn’t able to browse all the feeds. When I was scrolling down to browse the feeds, it stuck after some feeds.

I can say now we have a good Instagram desktop client that has come with all the features that one can expect in an Instagram desktop app. I believe if there would be an official desktop client for Instagram in future, then perhaps it would be similar to this app. A few bugs are there but these can be resolved. This app is getting a good response from many Instagram lovers. Wanna give it a shot? Hit the link added below.

Link to visit this app.

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