All In One Free Unit Converter, Currency Converter, Scientific Calculator

Calculation and conversion is a part of our daily routine and many of us have to do this frequently in a day. Whether I talk about converting the currency, doing scientific calculations, or other types of calculations, all these are daily basis stuff. We can use Windows calculator or some third-party tool to perform calculations and use Google to convert currency or for some other conversion, but these are the different items. What if we get a platform that supports almost all types of conversions and calculations that we can use from a single place? Simple Online Tools (by Solvid) is one such free service.

This service comes with the free unit converter, currency converter (supports over 50 major currencies), simple calculator, scientific calculator, weight calculator, percentage calculator, and a mortgage calculator. All these different tools can be accessed from its homepage.


Just select the one as per the need and start the calculations.

Other than these 7 different tools, the service also brings some other important tools. You can make use of its:

  • Free Word Counter.
  • Loan Estimator.
  • Random Number Generator.
  • Stopwatch.
  • To-Do List Maker.

So, there are total 12 different calculator and converter tools that you can be benefited with. I will show you the examples of some converters which I tried during my testing.

If you do the workout or on the diet, then you can use Weight calculator tool. Using this tool, you can keep a track of how much percentage of weight you are losing every day or month.


One of the important tools is “Word Counter”. It is more than just a basic word counter. It is so because apart from showing the total number of words available in the text entered by you, it shows the total number of sentences, characters, and paragraphs. Not only this, you can also check the estimated reading time and readability score for the text. This will give a very good idea how much time it will take to read the entire content and how easily one can read the text.


Another useful tool here is “Loan Calculator”. If you are planning on taking a loan or have already borrowed money, then you can find the monthly installments you have to pay based on the Interest rate and Period.


Enter the values and get the result.

Use any tool and you will get the result easily. This is one of the best services for conversions and calculations. 12 different tools are available in a single place. Users only need to select the tool that matters to them and use that tool.

Visit the service homepage.

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