Free Steganography Software To Hide Data Inside Audio Files

Encrypting the documents, media files, images, and the other stuff is so easy nowadays because we have many tools for doing this. This is a quite secure option, but there is also a different option using which we can hide or encode our important data inside another document. The term is known as Steganography. A few software are based on this term and DeepSound is one such software.

DeepSound software can hide images, text documents, and media files inside an audio file. Yes, that’s true! Nobody will come to know that you have secretly added something inside the audio file. The output audio works very well even after hiding the data. So, it will look like a normal audio file. You can also add the password for encrypting the data. The data is encrypted using AES-256 encryption method which ensures double security.

You can add multiple audio files but only one file can be used to hide data at a time. There is also one thing to be noticed that you can add data up to a limit and it depends on the input audio file. WAV, FLAC, MP3, CDA, APE, and WMA audio files are supported as Carrier file (input file). After adding the carrier file, you can add data that you want to hide and then generate the output audio file.

hide data inside an audio file

This software has one more feature that is worth mentioning. It can be used to convert audio files in batch. The output audio format can be set as WAV, FLAC, APE, or MP3 file. So, you are getting the benefit of two different tools in a single software.

convert audio files in batch

The next time when you want to get back the encoded files from the audio file, you have to follow a few simple steps. Open the software, insert the same audio file that contains the encoded documents, add the same password and then it will show all the hidden files.

Using the Extract….button, you can get the hidden files and use them anywhere. This is a very clever trick that will work everytime when you have to hide important stuff. The password protection and AES-256 encryption algorithm ensure that your data will remain secure because it is not easy to guess the right password and decrypt the data; unless you give a hint.

Are you really looking for the similar trick? Well, you got the solution. Yes, this software is what you should try. DeepSound has a straight forward interface. Therefore, hiding the documents inside an audio file is too easy.

Homepage of DeepSound.

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