Free Special Characters keyboard To Type Foreign Letters, Accents

When we have to type foreign letters, characters, and accents, we need a special characters keyboard that supports different languages. Although, you can easily get the list of Windows Alt Key Codes to find foreign letters and accents and shortcuts to use them, but it is a difficult job to learn those shortcuts and use such codes. In such cases, a free on-screen special characters keyboard can be very useful. And, “PolyglotKeyboard” is one such software.

This free special characters keyboard helps to insert foreign letters and accents to express your feelings in your native language and even write the entire sentence in the language you want. You can also access Special characters table and switch to any other language to get special characters available in that specific language. Also, it is very easy to change keyboard layout, character set, and group.

It is an on-screen keyboard and therefore, it can be used while working with MS Word, LibreOffice, Excel, Notepad++, or any other application.


Start Typing Foreign Letters and Accents Using This On-Screen Special Characters Keyboard:

The homepage itself clears about the software why it should be used and in which cases.


When you are going to use it the very first time, it will prompt you to set up the keyboard. This can be changed later also. You can:

  • Set Keyboard Group (African languages (latin script), African languages (local script), and Southeast Asian.
  • Character set. Full African Keyboard Character Set, Ghana, Gambia, Berber Latin Alphabet, Chad, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Republic of Congo, Mali, South Africa, Sudan, Zambia, General Alphabet of Cameroon Languages.
  • Set Layout. QWERTY, AZERTY, and, QWERTZ.


Setup the PolyglotKeyboard and continue. After this, you will see a black colored on-screen keyboard with different symbols as shown below.


This is how the special signs keyboard looks and it just works like the on-screen keyboard. The only difference between this and regular on-screen keyboards is that it shows the special characters and accents. You can use this anywhere like an email application, word document, notepad, etc.

Also, it is very easy to change keyboard type and access special characters table, as options are directly available on the keyboard. You might find it difficult to use, but with some practice, you can use it like any other on-screen keyboard.

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Living in a different state or country and using the keyboard that doesn’t support your native language can’t stop you typing native accents and characters. It is made possible with help of software and tools like PolyglotKeyboard. Want to write emails to your loved ones or to a friend in a native language, then take the help of this software. You will find it useful surely.

Visit Software Homepage.

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