Free Prisma Alternative Android App with 20+ Art Effects

You must have heard about that popular Prisma iPhone app to convert photo to digital art. Well, if you don’t own or like iPhone and want some app that can not only compete with that app but also be a very good alternative for Android device, then you should think about Deep Art Effects Android app.

Yes, this app has brought some really fabulous filters or you can say digital art effects. The effects not only make it one of the best competitors of Prisma app but also reserve its special position in the competition with other Android apps which have similar features.

Deep Art Effects is really an interesting Android app and probably the most suitable choice when you have to turn your photos to art, sketch, oil painting, or pencil art. The app has come with 20+ art effects. The best part you will notice using this Android app is its simple interface. You can capture a new photo or use Gallery photos to turn them into art one by one.

a very good prisma alternative android app with some cool effects

Turn a Photo Into Art Using This Prisma Alternative Android App:

You can turn a photo into digital art or give it any other effect in just two clicks. The only thing to be noticed is that like Prisma app, it adds its watermark at the bottom right corner of the output image. But those who don’t mind such type of watermark or happy to crop the image to cut that watermark, they don’t have to worry. Just install this Android app and try any effect you like.

You will have two choices- Take a photo or use a gallery image.

take a photo or use gallery photos

Then after, all the effects available with this Deep Art Effects Android app will visible. You can apply any effect and it will merely take one or two seconds to apply the selected effect. Oh! the effect is not what I expected, if you think so, then go ahead any try other available effects. There are 20+ effects and I’m sure you will like one of them.

choose a style

If you don’t like any effect, then you are free to remove the app anytime. However, as per my opinion, this app is one of the best art effect apps for Android. I am using this app and impressing my near ones. They have also installed this app and enjoying it a lot. Want to give it a shot? Link is just below:

Deep Art Effects Android App Homepage.

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