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Hey, folks! Whether you are a beginner in profession writing or already a professional writer, this web app can help you writing a story, novel or any drama with ease. Although preserving the ideas and thinkings in diaries is the best way to write but online writing apps are another way to start writing novel(s), stories and keep the things organized like the chapters, characters in your story and the points where you have to focus.

Wordcradle! is a free online writing app that you can use on smartphones or computers to create your stories, dramas and you can also set a timeline so that you can complete it in time. Whatever you are writing a story, a drama or a novel, it is called “Project” in this app.

Wordcradle homepage

The first screen is almost direct. It will prompt you to sign in/sign up first but you can visit other links like “About us” and “Preview icon” through which you can get an idea what it does. Go through these pages and after that you can create a free account. It can be very confusing for you to where to start first until you click on “Projects” link at the top.


Projects section is the area where you can see the topics you have written so far. Initially, it will be empty as you wouldn’t have started. Once you start your project, it will show the progress.

projects section

Characters section is also available which is also an important part. Suppose you are writing any drama or a novel, then you would like to create characters in it. In that case, click on Characters and create your characters like the way I have created below.

characters section

When you have done that, you can move to the “Brainstorms” section. This contains the focus scenes where you want to pay more attention to your story or writing part. You can isolate every idea or scene regarding your story and keep it in the organized as I have done in the below image.

Brainstorm section

Word Games: At last but not the least, you can also play a word quest to increase your thinking power and vocabulary using this section.

Remember, the service is in the beta version that means it is still in trial for users and sometimes you will see a small dialog box on the screen saying ‘Request Failed’. Just click OK and it will move away.

So, you can start writing your stories and dramas with this free online writing app. The platform is good for beginners and for professionals. If you have passion in writing or story creation, you can give this platform a try.

Homepage of Wordcradle.

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