Online World Weather Forecast Application: Ventusky

When we have to check the temperature or weather details of a city or place, most of us simply Google it and get the details. While it’s a less important thing for some people, many others have to schedule their important tasks depending on the current weather conditions and forecasts. For professionals, it is an essential task and they have to check the weather conditions from every point of view like clouds around the place, precipitation, air pressure and lot more. There exist many Smartphone apps and online world weather forecast applications that can be given a try. Ventusky is among those important applications that helps you get weather details (including the current details and forecasts) for any city or place in the world.

You can use Ventusky to check what will be the air pressure, the speed of the wind at different areas in a city, cloud formation, the temperature at different points, precipitation, information about thunderstorms, snow cover and freezing points. A lot of information is provided by this online world weather forecast application.

Let us have a look at the inside of the application. Below is the homepage of this application.


Anyone really interested in the weather forecasting and analyzing will find this application informative. You can explore a lot of options to check weather conditions with different aspects. If you are doing a project on weather activities or making a presentation, then visit this application to make important notes.


It is clear from the screenshots above how much information it provides and right now I am searching for weather conditions in Alaska, United States.


At the above screen, I have searched for cloud formation as highlighted in Orange and it is showing the percentage of clouds for each area and at different times. You can also switch to some other date to check weather forecasts. However, the application can’t help you get weather details for the previous dates.

These all are the static images but the application is dynamic and gives a real-time information. You can also change the settings the way the application looks.

settingsAlso read:

I clicked on the Settings option located at the┬átop-right corner and selected ‘weather map settings’ and here it gives the meteorological variables that are changeable. You can change the units to measure from different perspectives. You can also share the application instantly with anyone by using the share option.


So, quite a productive application to give such a critical information on weather. I believe it comes in one of the best world weather forecast applications. I won’t say it is the only source to rely for checking the weather details and forecasts. There are other sources as well. However, Ventusky has come with an interesting way to get weather details and I really like it beacause of the vast information provided by it.

Visit this application.

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