Free Future Prediction Service, Shows Life Expectancy and Other Details

Predictive_World is a free future prediction service that shows your life expectancy and other details. The service predicts the future by just entering age and gender. This might not generate accurate results. Therefore, it also comes with the feature to connect your Facebook account or some basic information to get better results. An algorithm works behind this developed by University of Cambridge Psychometrics Centre. It has some parameters on which it focuses like the age, the way you and your friends interact, what you really think you are and some crazy things.  It then tells detailed information of your future regarding Psychology, Health, Profile, Environment, Family, Work, and Preferences.

predictive world- free future prediction service homepage

The interface will give you a feel as if you are really sitting to predict the future. The Predictive_World is derived from the concept of Watch Dogs 2 game, in which your digital profile is created and based on the patterns and analytics of your actions.

Let me predict the future of myself. I choose the option of ‘Enter basic information’ and here it takes me to my future.


As you can see above, main information is in the middle, telling me the future depending on different parameters mentioned above. The dark blue lines are ones to look for and you can adjust accuracy as well. Look at the grade-out lines above which means it is not able to predict the future paths properly. That is why sign in with your Facebook account is good to get the detailed information because it analyses your activities in there.


This is the analytics based on my Facebook profile above. You see, there are no grade-out lines and it is showing the actual data. Highlighted above, are some of the parameters. It gives the detailed information on the left-hand side and the right-hand side. Select any line above in any category to get the detailed information like I have done for openness, life expectancy, and alcohol consumption.

It might not show the accurate data as it is just an application judging you on the basis of your Facebook account, but yes it is definitely good for fun. Have a group of friends and try the service for fun or share the information with your friends online.

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