Free eBook Reader That Supports PDF, EPUB, TXT Files: AlfaReader

There are many free eBook reader software available over the web, but a few are liked by users because of their usefulness and simplicity. AlfaReader comes in the list of such useful eBook readers. This free eBook reader supports PDF, EPUB, and TXT files. It also comes with virtual book, two pages, and one page view modes. You will also like the feature to remember the last read position. Thus, when you will open a book again, it will automatically jump to the page where you left off.

Earlier, we used to have paperback or hardcover books but now technology has taken over those. Now, we have our smartphones, computers, Kindle devices and other gadgets on which we rely upon for reading. Books are available as eBooks on the Internet and we try to find free document reader to read the books. AlfaReader can be the good option to read those eBooks.

AlfaReader is lightweight and very simple to use. Let us see how it is productive.


As mentioned on the homepage above, it is a software available for Windows XP and newer versions. It’s really good that the software is compatible with Windows 10 also. In fact, I have tested the software on my Windows 10 laptop. I didn’t find any difficulties in downloading, installing, and using this free eBook reader.

It is simple in terms of operating it. This is how the interface looks like (screenshot below). The main interface will show all the eBooks available in the Virtual Library or Virtual Bookshelf. On the left-hand side, you have options to access the books by Authors, Recently Read, and All. On the right-hand side, there is the option to ‘Add Book’ from PC. This software can open PDF files directly. However, to view ePub and TXT files, it first converts them in the internal ABOOK format, and then you can view those eBooks. You can also set option if you want to convert ePub file to internal format or not. Doing so will open ePub as a continuous file.


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You can start reading an eBook in a click and can explore the options available at the top. Here is a list of all the great options:

  • Switch to two pages, one page, or virtual book mode.
  • Access Table of Contents of eBook. Its icon is available just before the Virtual book icon. However, the icon is clickable only when the eBook has Table of Contents.
  • You can also fit width n height of the book.


You can also increase and decrease the font size. Thus, you can comfortably read the book. You can also view metadata and cover but I didn’t find any. Perhaps, there was no metadata for the e-books that I added.

When you will close the AlfaReader and re-open it, it will open the last accessed page of your eBook. Same is the case when you will close an eBook and re-open it.

So, these are the features that you can access while using this free eBook reader. It is a fantastic option to add and manage unlimited eBooks. It can be even better if it would support more formats like MOBI, CBR, CBZ, etc.

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