Free Driver Updater, Find, download, and Install Missing Drivers In 2 Clicks

You must have encountered the problem when some of Windows hardware components don’t work as they should work. It happens because either the drivers are outdated or missing. Contacting the technician or finding the correct drivers can take hours and still it is possible that you won’t find the compatible drivers. So, what should we do in that case? I guess there is nothing to worry because some free software exist to automatically find outdated or missing drivers and update them quickly. Snail Driver is one such free software. Without spending any amount, this software helps you update Windows drivers so that you can work without any trouble.

Snail Driver software finds, downloads, and install missing and outdated drivers in just two clicks. It is also compatible with Windows 10, which simply means that no matter which Windows version you have installed, it can help you install Windows drivers for sure.


I have added the image above to show the download and installation progress of missing/outdated drivers on my Windows 10 PC.

We always have the choice whether we have to download all or only selected drivers. This software also comes with options to create system restore point (which I think is a good feature) before installing the drivers and set the maximum number of parallel downloads (1-10). You can access Settings to access these options.

Find and Install Missing and Outdated Drivers with This Free Driver Updater Software:

From downloading this software to updating outdated and missing drivers, everything is very simple. The first screen that you will encounter while using this software for the first time is that big SCAN button.


Press that button and scanning will start. The scanning process is quite fast. Still, it depends on how many drivers are outdated or missing in your PC.

When the scanning is completed, the result will be in front of you. You can easily see how many drivers are there which are missing or outdated and need the update.


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Using that big Update button can help you automatically download and install all the drivers. However, if you are running low on data or want to update only selected drivers, then you should uncheck Select all option and select only the drivers that matter to you at the moment.

After testing this software for hours, one thing I can say surely that it didn’t harm my PC and worked just what is committed on the homepage of this software. I also liked the ease of use feature of this free driver updater software. Only two clicks are enough to find outdated and missing drivers and update all of them together.

Visit software homepage.

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