Food Pairing Website To Check Which Two Ingredients Go Well Together

We have hundreds of food recipe websites where we can find mouth-watering recipes and also learn how to make a specific recipe. All those sites are superb to learn how to cook but such websites can’t help us decide which two ingredients go well together for creating a recipe.

For such cases, we need have to look for some other kind of websites and Food Pairing website is one of them. This website helps us to select two different ingredients of our choice and check if that pair is ordinary or best. The result is based on the Recipe Rating (given by a group of users) and Pairing Index. You don’t have to go in the depth of Math they have done to calculate it. The more the recipe rating, better is the recipe. Also, Pairing Index should be 1 or greater than 1. If these two parameters are correct, the recipe will be good.

For the selected combination or pair, multiple recipes are provided in the result. Each individual recipe includes a recipe link (which directs to, recipe rating, and ingredients. So along with finding the best recipe combination, you can also learn how to make that particular recipe. The database of this food pairing website includes more than 62.300 million recipes.


food pairing website

This is the homepage of the website visible above where you will also find an animated goat. It follows your mouse cursor and does nothing else. Don’t lose your focus and “Pick a Pair” of ingredients. The left sidebar will help you select the option and find pairs. You can use the search box to find an ingredient from the suggestions, select it, and move on to find and select another ingredient.

When the combination is selected, it will show different types of recipes that can be made using that pair. You will also see recipe rating and pairing index to get an idea.

select pair to find recipes

Now you have the recipes for the pair you have selected, you can click on any recipe link to learn about it and prepare it yourself.

Get The List of Best and Worst Food Pairs:

Other than finding the food pair by yourself to get recipes for that pair, this food pairing website has done some serious work for you to find best and worst food pairs. You will find Best Pairings and Worst Pairings options in the left sidebar. Use any option to find what you got. Selecting the Best Pairings option will show the list of food pairs that go well together.

best pairings

Select any pair and recipes will be in front of you. Similarly, selecting the Worst Pairings option will present the list of food pairs that you should avoid.

You will also see a “What to buy” option which is good to try. This option lets you find the most common ingredients that should be available in your pantry. You can search for the ingredients, note them, and buy them from the grocery store.

ingredients that you should keep in your pantry

This is all that you get in this free food pairing website.

It’s a fabulous platform for people who love to try new recipes and foodies who want to taste new food combinations. You want to impress your girlfriend with your cooking skills, planning for something new for the dinner, or have any other occasion, I guess this website will not disappoint you. Everything related to ingredients and recipes is there.

You can visit the website with this link – Food Pairing Ninja.

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