Firefox Add-on To Convert HTML5 Videos Into Animated GIFs

There are so many video streaming sites to enjoy watching videos and share with friends. Some videos have really funny or awesome moments that we want to capture and share. Now a days, animated GIFs are the best available solution to share the funny moments or some extraordinary moments. So why not use this gift to convert online videos and download to PC and share with others. One such option to convert online videos to GIFs comes as a Firefox add-on “MakeGIF Video Capture“. This add-on works for many popular video streaming sites Vimeo, YouTube, and more. You can record any part of the video you are playing online (HTML5 video) and then save the recording as animated GIF.

MakeGIF Video Capture- animated gif

There are a few interesting options also available. Before recording or converting the HTML5 videos, you can add a text which will work as a watermark, set the frames speed (slow or fast), and reverse the video. When you have done all this, you can save the final GIF to PC. And then, share it your friends and enjoy.

MakeGIF Video Capture add-on is also too simple. After installation, the add-on requires a restart and then it can help you.

Open a video streaming site and play a video. Then, click the add-on icon to Start the recording. When you have recorded enough frames, stop the recording.

start the recording

Now comes the interesting part. Before you save the recording to the desktop as GIF, you can add a text watermark to video. Not only this, you can make the video play in reverse and set the playing speed.

add text watermark and use other options

Now the final moment comes when you can save your recording as animated GIF. The output can be played in any web browser that supports animated GIFs or you can try playing it in any GIF player tool.

This Firefox add-on is good for all the people who love to share those specific moments available in HTML5 videos. You might have also expected the feature to edit or delete the recording frames, but once you have done the recording, you can either discard or save it or start from the scratch.

Homepage of MakeGIF Video Capture.

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