Find Best Places To Travel Based On Your Total Budget

We all are travelers! I have read this in a lot of books. Well, it is true that is why we keep wandering to different places for peace, to kill boredom, to stress-out from the monotonous routines. We do a lot of work and at some point, a break is needed to keep the spirit alive. But sometimes our budget does not allow us to do that or we mostly fail to find places to travel based on our budget and then we keep delaying the break to stress-out. I will suggest not to do that as there is an online app that helps to find best places to travel based on your total budget.

WanderApp is the name of that free web app that makes it very easy to find some really good places to travel based on the total amount you have for traveling. You need to enter the total travel amount (in dollars), the number of people traveling, date of departure, date of return, and the name of the airport as an input details. After that, this app suggests the places you can visit with that budget from your place. It shows flight price, hotel expense, and other expenses for suggested places. Thus, all your confusion can be solved in a minute or two. It is a simple application and useful at times if you are totally confused where to go.


Let’s Explore WanderApp and Find Best Places To Travel Based On The Total Budget:

Open its homepage and enter details in the fields and press Find. No sign up is required. If your budget is too low, it will prompt you to increase the budget a bit. Also, an important point to note is that you have to put in the name of the airport nearby to you. Otherwise, it won’t be able to find anything. Once you fill up all the details, here comes the search results.


I chose Los Angeles International Airport and a remote place and I got the above webpage. These are the suggestions it has for me for the budget 1000$. It is showing me the estimate charges of flights, hotels, and other expenses. Once you decide your destination, it then gives you more details like flights available along with the duration and timings, and hotel bookings. Yes, you can select the hotel as well from the list of hotels displayed.


As you can see above, it shows the information about flights from LAX to ATL, as I chose Atlanta. If you are confused about the budget and travel dates, you can just put in there the airport name and click on ‘Surprise Me‘ and it will show random results.


I am surprised. It has displayed the budget, dates, flight fares and destinations with so many results. Now, I can choose any one of these according to my budget and start packing.

So, pack your luggage, surprise yourself with a destination and travel to explore the new sights, allies, and cultures.

Visit WanderApp.

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