How To Erase The ‘Run’ Command History In Windows 10

Like all the web browsers, Windows 10 also stores the history of all the commands you execute using ‘Run’ box. Browsers have a direct option to clear the full history, but same is not the case with Windows 10. If your concern is related to security threat because of the misuse of Run history or wants to erase all that history for some other reason, this tutorial has come with the solution.

Open the Run box. You can use Search box and type run or press ‘Win+R’ (hotkey) to open Run box. Enter ‘regedit’ and press enter. This will open Registry Editor window. The same window can also be opened by entering regedit in the Search box.

Jump to the RunMRU key stored in the Registry Editor. You can find it here-


go to RunMRU key

This key stores all the history related to the Run box. Select all the String values but Default and MRUList. Right-click and delete those selected values. Remember do not select and delete MRUList and Default values as it may cause some trouble.

select string values to delete

This is all you have to do. Tweaking the Registry looks dangerous and technical task, but believe me, it is not that much tough. I hope the tutorial have cleared all the doubts and will help you erase all the Run history.

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