Free Subtitle Download for TV Shows and Movies, Supports 41 Languages

Dragand is a free subtitle download software for TV shows and movies to download subtitles in more than 40 languages. You must have tried many sites, software, and other tools to grab subtitles and they must be working quite well. However, Dragand is an interesting software, and therefore it catches my attention. First of all, it can help you fetch subtitles of almost any TV show episode as well a movie. Most of the other applications can grab only TV show or movie subtitles, but this software is useful for both cases.

On the other hand, this free subtitle downloader software supports drag n drop. So, you just have to pick a movie or TV show episode, drop it on its interface, and the software does the magic automatically. It quickly fetches subtitles and stores them in the same location where your movie or TV show episode is saved. The subtitles are saved as SRT files. Also, if you want to fetch subtitles in some foreign language (other than English), then it can also be done using this software.

Languages supported by this free subtitle downloading software are: English, Greek, French, German, Bengali, Arabic, Hungarian, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Greek, Russian, Romanian, Polish, Malay, etc.

Let’s see how you can grab subtitles for a movie or TV show episode.

This Dragand software is available for Windows as well as Mac. Its homepage contains the download links for both platforms. I have covered this software using Windows PC. it is a portable software and comes under a zip archive. Once after extracting the zip and running its portable file, you will see its very simple interface.

You need to add or drop a movie or TV show episode on its interface and it will automatically fetch the subtitles. All the common video formats like AVI, MP4, etc., are supported. It is not mentioned on its homepage which source it uses to fetch subtitles, but as per my testing, the downloaded subtitles are absolutely correct.

The animated GIF above must have cleared a lot about this movie and TV show subtitle downloader software. This free subtitle download software also lets you view the information related to the added movie or TV show directly on the IMDb page. Once you have added a movie or TV show episode on its interface and it has fetched the subtitles, then hovering the mouse cursor on the movie name on its interface will show you the option to view IMDb info.

Option to play the movie/episode with VLC media player is also visible, but it failed during the testing. However, everything else is quite good.

Before you start using this software, you can also access Settings to set the default language to download subtitles, the default language of its interface (English or French), show/hide desktop notifications, etc.

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So, this is all that I have come to know about this free subtitle download software.

For me, Dragand is a gift because I was able to fetch subtitles for almost all of my movie collections. It also worked really well to fetch subtitles for GOT episodes. For a few movies and TV show episodes, it didn’t give expected results. Still, based on my testing, I can easily recommend this software to all of you. It’s one of the useful software to download subtitles for TV shows and movies.

Visit Dragand Homepage.

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