Dopamine: A New Free Audio Player with Minimalist Interface

Till now, we have used many great audio players like Winamp and such audio players became a part of our life for a long time. Many of us still use Winamp or some other media player as the default audio player. But nothing lasts forever and so was the case with Winamp. It was a fantastic player but didn’t make to keep its existence among users as the favorite media player. Now, when we have so many options out there, presenting a new audio player and making it the default player for users is really a challenge. However, a few always stand their position and so might be the case with “Dopamine” a free audio player.

You might have heard this name for the first time, but this is a new audio player comes into existence to keep its place in audio players section. This audio player has a minimalistic interface where you can create playlists, add tracks, and customize the appearance to make it look better. This free audio player has a beautiful UI but its compact view mode looks even pretty.

Dopamine interface

You can get the MSI file or portable version of this audio player to use it.

Have A Look At This Fee Audio Player ‘Dopamine’:

Launching it for the first time will show a welcome message and some basic settings that you can set as per the way you want.

adjust basic settings

Other options are basic and not so unique. You can create playlists, add tracks using COLLECTIONS menu, sort them as Artists, Songs, Albums, Genres, etc. Everything can be done with ease. A progress bar also visible in the Taskbar icon that I think is a good option to see the track progress when audio player is minimized.

This is the main menu where you can play with the collections you have added so far.

Next to the first menu, SETTINGS menu waits for you where you can set the appearance, behavior, playback, and other options.


Everything here is so simple. You can enable/disable options to see how it goes with your taste.

Other than these two main things, I didn’t find something special that can catch the attention. You have some keyboard shortcuts to increase or decrease the volume but this isn’t what the majority of users want (as per my guess).

So, as the conclusion, the only thing I can say is this free audio player has a fabulous interface which catches the attention. Also, playing and organizing the audio tracks is convenient. A new good option is out there to try as an audio player, but if this can be the choice of millions of users, it is really a challenging part.

Homepage of Dopamine.

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