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Bookmarks are really the saviors when we are surfing the Internet. Everyday, we find something important related to our work, shopping, project, etc., and we bookmark it so that we can take a reference at the later point. The bookmarking scheme is quite simple and is a native feature of every modern browser. However, people always look forward to try new things, especially when there is something new and unique. If you are also looking for some new and interesting way to bookmark pages, then you should try “devmark“.

Devmark¬†is a free Chrome extension which makes it easy to manage and access your bookmarks providing flexibility to move them anywhere. It makes the search very easy. Just search for the topic and it gives you the related bookmarks. The best part is that you can assign hotkeys to bookmarks and access any bookmark in a single shot. You also have the shortcuts of the bookmarks on one panel and access them anytime with your keyboard. That’s right! You can pin the bookmarks’ shortcuts at one place and assign a keyboard key to them so that they will be accessible on just pressing a key.


You can install the extension in a usual manner and extension icon will be shown at the top-right corner of your Chrome browser. Sign up with your email, verify it and check the verification mail in the Spam folder as well. After sign up, it will be a one click access to the bookmarks or with a shortcut – CTRL+M. Currently, devmark is there only for Chrome but it is coming soon for Firefox also. But that doesn’t mean you can import bookmarks from Chrome only. You can import the bookmarks from any web browser (condition applied the bookmarks file should be in HTML format) and devmark gives you steps as well to create an HTML file of bookmarks.


This is how the interface of devmark looks (above). Visit any webpage, open devmark interface and at the bottom, click save to add the bookmark. After that, you will see an Edit¬†icon there. Click on edit and pin it on the left sidebar like I have done as highlighted in black above. Also, you can assign any key like I have assigned the letter ‘q’ to it. You can edit the bookmarks later as well. After saving without editing, do the search of your bookmark and you will see a ‘+’ sign as highlighted in red above.


This is how you will pin the bookmark to the left and assign a key from the keyboard. Remember, you can only access the bookmarks after opening the extension devmark by mouse or keyboard shortcut.

Let us talk about importing/exporting bookmarks now. You can import/export the bookmarks by clicking on the settings and then import if you want to import and export the bookmarks if you want to export.


Exporting the bookmarks is really simple. Just click on the Export link and it will save an HTML file in your drive. Now to import bookmarks the file should be there in HTML format and to convert it into that, you can follow the steps provided in the link below the ‘Import’ option above.

One more important point is after adding all the bookmarks, when you will access devmark, you will see a blank page with no bookmarks in it except the ones which you have pinned. Instead of showing the title of bookmarks, it shows icons of bookmarks on the left sidebar. You can use those icons or search the bookmarks and then it will show you the results. It is a new way of managing the bookmarks. One should try it. Download the extension from the link added below.

Visit devmark Extension.

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