Firefox Add-on To Delete History of The Active Webpage In One Click

Surfing the internet, browsing tons of webpages, and deleting the history afterwards is very common. There are situations when we have to delete history on urgent basis. Especially, when you are in the office and not allowed to browse third party websites. We can take the help of incognito mode, but most of the times we prefer browsing using the normal mode. However, after visiting the page, when you have to delete the history of that page, you need to access History menu, find that particular webpage, and delete it. That is quite time-consuming. Also, it only deletes it from the history menu, and not from local storage.

Therefore, add-ons like Forget that page exists to ease the task. It is a free Firefox add-on which you can use to erase the history of the current page with just one click without wasting time to manually find that page in the history menu. What makes it best is that it also deletes local and session storage of that particular webpage. That means you can erase all the traces related to a specific webpage in just a click using this add-on.

Let us see how it works. Install the Firefox Addon.

After the installation, you will see the add-on icon at the top right corner (as shown below) and that is a good part that you don’t have to open any extra menu or find what to delete or what not.



  • October 10, 2016- Now the add-on is able to delete cookies also.
  • October 30, 2016- You may now visit the Website of this add-on too.

That’s it! Just click on the icon and it will erase the history of the current page including the session and local storage traces. It will not show you any deletion process as it does that in the background silently. However, after the deletion process, it will present a short message in a pop-up that the page is deleted from the browsing history.


Forget that page add-on is really simple and serves its purpose. The developer has not added anything extra. Remember, it will only delete the history of the active page and not the entire history. For completing removing the history, you will have to follow the traditional approach only.

So, this is one of those useful Firefox add-ons that can be given a try. New add-ons are added in Firefox day by day and we present the best ones from those add-ons for you. Forget that page is one of them.

You can click the link below to install the add-on:

Visit Add-on Homepage.

  • Cyril W

    Thanks for the article !
    v1.5.0 will be out soon, it introduces options and delete current page’s downloads from download list history.

    • Kamal Singh

      Thanks a lot for the update and we will update the article as well with the new release.

      • Cyril W

        Also, I made a website for the extension :

        • Kamal Singh

          Great! I have updated the article too. Thanks for linking my article on your website. By the way – Happy Diwali!

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