A Free Service To Help You Decide What Should You Do with Your Life

WTF should I do with my life? You must have asked this question many times from yourself when you are frustrated, failed to achieve some target, or for some other reason. It happens with almost every third person including me and many others.

Your friends must have suggested different ideas, tricks, or other ways to overcome from that mental harassment. If even a single of that idea worked, then it’s really a good thing. However, if nothing worked, then probably you should try the website whose name I have already added in the beginning.

WTF should I do with my life? This is the name of the website which can suggest ideas that you can try and begin the life from a new starting. The website gives you ideas like you can be a video editor, an entrepreneur, illustrator, brewer, or something else. These are just the ideas, but perhaps any of these ideas might strike to your mind and awaken that hidden talent you might have felt in you before.

select if you like the idea or not

if you like an idea, you can click okay! or simply reject the idea using by hitting the hell no! button. Then, some other idea will be presented to you. if you press okay!, then the website shows some questions and answers to help you decide if you have selected the right option or not. A few links will also be there to learn more and decide what should you do.

read more to decide

This website not only helps to give ideas related to what should you do in your life but also lets you share your idea(s) that can help someone else to improve his/her life and move forward.

Along with sharing the idea, you can submit the link to the service or website from where you get that idea. if you like a particular idea, you can also put it in your Favorites collection. However, for all these features, you need to sign in with Twitter, Google, or Facebook account.

sign in to share ideas or mark some idea as favorites

So, one thing is quite clear that the service is beneficial for both who need some motivation and who want to motivate others. The objective of the website is clear and great too. Those users who are not getting any idea what should they try or begin to give a direction to their life, this website would be a good spot.

Link to visit the website.

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