Create Self Destructing Messages with Service

We have a lot of options out there to send messages or notes. We can send emails, use WhatsApp or some other online service. These are some best options we can use to easily convey the message. But, these services can’t help us to delete the sent message once viewed. At that time, we look out for some service that can automatically remove the shared message and is one such service. It is a free service and doesn’t need any sign up.

What this service do is generates a unique sharing link for the message you have added. The message is stored on the server end temporarily till someone opens the message. When the message is viewed, it is destroyed automatically. service uses HTTPS connection and saves the shared message in encrypted form. This ensures that service really cares about its users.

The sharing link of a message works only once. For the next time, that sharing link won’t show any message. You can send an important message to someone without worrying about someone else can view it again. However, the viewer can copy the message content to the clipboard and then forward or use it wherever he wants.

create self destructing messages and share

It is also quite easy to use this service to create self destructing messages. You have to enter the note that you want to share and then generate the sharing link. Before you generate the link, if you want to get an email alert when your message is viewed, then it can also be done. Enable that Notify Me When The Note Is Viewed option and submit your email address.

enter the note and your email address

You are all set to fetch the sharing link. Hit that Generate Link button and you will get the link.

Share the link to let the other user view your message. The link works only once. After that, no matter how many times and how many users use that link, it won’t show the message because it is already deleted from the server.

message is deleted

The service worked as per my expectations. I created some self destructing messages for the testing part and they all worked very well. Only password protection feature to view the shared message is missing here. Still, I am really impressed with the service. Everything is crystal clear. The note is deleted after viewing it once like the service has mentioned. One bonus feature that user can get the email alert when the message is viewed makes the service perfect. Homepage.

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