Create A Beautiful Timeline To Share Webpages, Articles, Images, Etc

The way we share things on the internet is advancing every day. Earlier, we used to share images, texts, URL’s and articles on social media sites. Today, a new concept has come and that is a timeline. A timeline is a way of displaying a list of events in chronological order. We see that in many applications today and is trending around. Tline is one of those interesting web applications.

Tline is a free web application that lets you create a beautiful timeline in a few easy steps to share webpages, articles, images, events, etc. You can publish your timeline to let others view and explore the content. Apart from that, you can also share it on social media sites and email the URL of your timeline as well. Now you must be thinking what’s so special about this when we already have Facebook, Twitter, ana other platforms to share items in a timeline. The answer is, unlike other platforms, this web application lets you create multiple timelines. In each individual timeline, you can add multiple posts, which is not possible on other platforms. So, Tline is a bit special. Currently, this application is available with beta version, but it works like the stable release.


Create A Timeline To Share Webpages, Articles, and Images Using Tline:

The homepage has all the information you need to know about Tline. Go through the examples created there yy other users. After that, get ready to create your own timeline. Click on ‘Create a timeline’ or ‘Sign up Free’ at the top-right corner to create an account. You can use your Google/Facebook account as well. That is it and the next, start creating the timeline!


Yes, this is how it looks. Interesting, isn’t it? Let me explain you the working here. Give a Title to your timeline. If you want to insert an image, then provide the URL of the image. Points as highlighted above in black, you can choose from the options what you want to add in the timeline. I have created the timeline for my blog – TechCollecto adding articles in it. Details are where you will give details about the event/image/article. Preview is how your timeline will look. This is fantastic, because preview helps you how your timeline will look.


Once you have added all the points, either save it in the draft to edit it later or publish it or share it on the social media sites. As you can see above, so many options are available to share. You can Share it on any of the sites listed or Embed the link on your own website/blog or have the URL emailed to anyone.


The above webpage is what people will get when they will click on your timeline posted on Facebook, Twitter, etc. People can visit the articles/events/images that you have added to the timeline by clicking on the icon highlighted in black above. Other people can also share your timeline.

You can create and see the timelines you have created in My Timelines section and there, you can edit them as well. Believe me, the steps provided to create the timeline are really in order and easy to understand. It is a beta version of the app and I didn’t find any glitch anywhere. A must use web application if you have a blog or website that has upcoming events. Start using the application and create your timeline.

Visit Tline Homepage.

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