Count Total Number of Words, Characters in Selected Text on Firefox

Many times, we need to check how many words, characters and sentences are available in the text we are reading. It could be for any reason. And for that, we install some software or use the online word count application, paste the content to get the result. However, there exist some really good add-ons to help us count the words and characters without any need to copy the text and then paste to some box. Word Count Tool is one such add-on which is available for Firefox browser.

Word Count Tool lets you count the total number of words and characters available in the selected text. No matter whether it is a paragraph or the entire webpage, it can generate results in just two clicks. Not only the words and characters, it gives all the other statistics like how many sentences, paragraphs, difficult words, unique words, characters without spaces, short words, readability score, etc. You can also use the pre-defined hotkey to get the results.

Let us see how this Addon works.


Installation goes easy and after that, it will prompt to restart Firefox. Once you restart the browser, visit any website and select some text content.

Now, either do a right click on the selected content, click on ‘Word Count Tool’ ¬†or press ‘Alt + Shift + C‘ on the keyboard to get the statistics of the content.


In the above example, I am using the right-click menu to count words & characters in the selected paragraph and below are the results.


Here you can see the word count, character count, difficult words, unique words and a lot of things. The results are displayed in a new tab. If you use ‘Alt + Shift + C’ after selecting the content on the webpage, it will directly display the above screen.

It is a simple yet very powerful add-on and doesn’t need any configuration setup. Just two clicks or a hotkey is needed to find the total number of words and characters available in the selected text.

Click the link below to install the Addon:

Visit The Add-on Homepage.

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