Convert Photo To Sketch or Cartoon with More Than 18 Effects

Professionals work really hard to turn any photo to sketch or a cartoon. They use different brushes, their sharp skills and spend hours and even days to generate a masterpiece. For us, this is really challenging and we might have to spend years to practice and convert photo to sketch. But some people care for regular users also and they develop some interesting software that can help us turn any common format image or photo to sketch. XnSketch is one such software.

XnSketch software comes with more than 18 effects which are a whole pack of different sketch and cartoon effects. A single click and the photo will turn into a beautiful sketch or cartoon immediately.

To add a little twist on the output image, you can also use any of the predefined masks available with this software as a bonus. Wanna see a sample of what this fantastic software can do? Just have a look at the screenshot:

XnSketch- convert photo to sketch

If the output still looks average, you can just adjust Edges, Opacity, Saturation, Brightness, Contrast, and other stuff.

XnSketch is available for 64 and 32-bit versions of Windows OS. It has also brought iOS app and Linux versions for free. For Windows, it brings the portable application. That means you don’t have to install it. Download, execute and play.

Add an image on its interface and choose any effect. Need some beautiful wallpapers to turn them in sketches? You may try Wallpapers Bot. A huge list of common and uncommon format images (including RAW images) are supported by XnSketch. Some of these are- Panasonic RAW, CGM, CIM, MRC, ICO, GIF, BMP, LSM, JPG, PPM, and lots more.

beautiful sketches and cartoon effects

Your masterpiece can also be rotated or zoomed in to have a better look. Finally, you can store your art in JPG or PNG format and then share with any person you want. Your friends must be surprised to hear that you are the creator of that masterpiece. It’s a great option to make a solid impression that you are so good in drawing.

XnSketch is too good and I’m gonna keep it for days. It doesn’t have any option to compare sketch and original photo. Still, I like it and will use it whenever I have to show my creative and drawing skills to others.

XnSketch Homepage.

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