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We all know Wiki is the free consistent source of information for so many years. Thanks to Wiki! Be it health, technology, company, a┬áperson related information, etc, Wiki has never let us down. But this article is not about Wiki, it is about ‘how you can create your own Wiki pages’? Yes, there are platforms available on the Internet using which you can collaboratively create Wiki pages and share them with the professionals or tech team in your company or with friends. “Torchpad” is one of those platforms.

Torchpad is a free service which has tools to help you in creating your own wiki page with Markdown formatting. With this, you can have your own information bank. If you are a teacher, trainer, or a regular user, then you can create your wiki pages and share them with anyone you want. You can discuss and work with other people as well to create wiki pages. Your information will be safe and only be accessible using the Torchpad. I have also created a Wiki page for my website – TechCollecto and there are a lot of tools I have used.

Torchpad- create wiki pages

Let’s See How To Create Wiki Pages Using Torchpad:

I have already presented a short intro about Torchpad and the homepage above also displays the same. You can further explore the homepage and sign up to start using the service. You will learn how to use it quickly by exploring the different options available to format the text.


The homepage is the starting page of every topic. You can edit your homepage using the ‘Edit’ options given. This service supports Markdown formatting to add the content. Here, the good thing is you can add images via drag n drop. For the other content, you need to use Markdown language formatting.


Here, another good thing is that you can also learn ‘how to use Markdown‘ to create your Wiki pages using Torchpad. The above image is just a preview about the options available to create your wiki pages. As you can see, there are some basic options and some advanced options. Basic includes creating different headings, text in quotes, lists, adding links, images and rules to your wiki page and Advanced include the coding style, page link, adding tables and adding math stuff using Mathjax.

Remember in the starting, you might face difficulties in creating the pages but have patience and keep using the tools as much as you can. For demonstration purposes, I have created a simple wiki page for TechCollecto.


You can preview your wiki page in settings. There are other important options also available like:

  • To make your page private.
  • Share only a partcular item and hide rest of your work.
  • Add members to work along with you.
  • Download the project as a zip file.
  • Code highlighting that supports more than 100 languages.

Cloning options with Github feature is coming soon to provide more flexibility. You can add new pages without any hassle. Save your work and start again another day.

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So start using Torchpad to create wiki pages and keep the track of information in a flow. It will be useful for content writers as well as they can simplify the things with this.

Visit Torchpad.

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