Post A Tweet To Your Twitter Timeline Directly Using Omnibox of Chrome

We all love tweeting, isn’t it! It is not just about tweeting, we are so full of thoughts or have something special to share with the world. And Twitter is one of the best platforms for this. However, everytime we need to update our Twitter timeline, we have to sign in, write the tweet, and click that tweet button. What if we can tweet using the omnibox of Chrome. This fantastic and much faster way is possible now using “Chromnitweet” Chrome extension.

Chromnitweet extension lets you update your Twitter timeline by pressing a few keys on the¬†keyboard. You don’t have to open a tab again and again or use some pop-up of other extension to tweet. Use the omnibox, type your tweet, and send it.

Let us see how this works. Add the extension to Chrome.


It will prompt you to sign in to your Twitter account and authorize Chromnitweet to use your Twitter account. So, here the extension handles the sign in part. Once you sign in using your Twitter login credentials, click on Authorize app option.


That is it, you will see a Twitter icon at the top-right corner but that icon is not at all useful. It just specifies that the extension is installed.

Tweet To Your Twitter Timeling Using Omnibox of Chrome:

Now, while you are surfing the Internet or doing any work on Chrome browser, just press ‘CTRL + L’ on the keyboard and that will automatically place the cursor on the omnibox. Type ‘tw’ without quotes, give a space, type what you want to tweet on Twitter and press Enter.


The moment we press ‘CTRL + L’ and type ‘tw’, it turns the omnibox into Chromnitweet bar and when you hit Enter, it posts the tweet on your Twitter timeline because technically you are already logged into Twitter using the extension.


This process does not change the web page you are using in Chrome and after sending the tweet, it brings the control back to the current page after tweeting.


The above page is my Twitter account showing the tweet that I did using Chromnitweet. Likewise, you can tweet easily during any time of the day using this extension.

You can visit the below link to add the extension on the Chrome:

Visit Extension Homepage.

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