Chrome Extension To Pause Gmail Inbox To Stop Receiving New Emails

Life is too busy and we have a lot of work to complete on the daily basis. We all love to do work, isn’t it! Okay, not all of us actually love to work but when we work, we need full concentration and peace.

This is challenging when we are working on a browser as there is a lot of stuff for us to do. We can do chat, Facebook, explore Twitter, and do many other things. One way to keep away from such stuff is simply close them or log out and then continue with our work. However, the same can’t be done for Gmail or other email services because those who have to send emails, follow up with clients and wrap up emails, they have to use Gmail. The real trouble comes when we receive new emails frequently which breaks our concentration. So, what should we do?

Well, if you are a Chrome user, then you may try this Inbox Pause extension which works for Gmail only. This extension can pause your Gmail inbox temporarily in a single click to stop receiving the new emails. It actually receives the emails but doesn’t show them in your inbox, rather it keeps them in some other label which remains hidden by default. This way, you can work without any disturbance in case of new emails. When your Gmail is in pause mode, a message will be displayed on the top part that currently your Inbox is paused.

inbox pause message

To come back to the default state or in normal mode, you can click that UNPAUSE button visible just next to the Gmail at the left section. This will refresh the tab and all the emails that were sent by others during that time period will visible to you in the inbox.

This extension has brought some more options also. Have a look at those options:

  • You can enable or turn on Auto-Responder. When this option is turned on during the pause mode, this auto-responder sends an email to the email sender on behalf of yourself that currently, you can’t read the email sent by the sender. There will be a default message for your convenience. However, you have full right to change the subject and body content of that message.
  • You can disable “Hide label while paused” option. By doing so, the label that receives new emails during pause mode will visible in the main labels section.
  • You can schedule a specific time to receive messages in the inbox. So, even though your Inbox is in the pause mode, the message can be delivered to you on scheduled time.

set pause options

This simply means that the inbox will remain in your control. You will have the full right to set the preferences for your Gmail inbox.

Starting The Inbox Pause Chrome Extension:

When the extension is installed, open your Gmail account. If the account is already opened in a tab, just refresh that tab. Now you will see a PAUSE button. Press that button and then the extension will ask your permission to access your account so that it can start working.

press pause button

After granting the permission, a pop-up window will be in front of you. That window is used to set up the options (enable auto responder, hide or show the label that contains new emails, etc.) that I have already explained.

Once all this is set, the extension will start working for you. New messages won’t be delivered to your Inbox, rather they will be kept in some other label created by this extension.

Anytime you want to view new emails, press the unpause button.

Everything that is promised or available in the options of this extension worked for me and it was really a nice experience for me. I’m gonna keep it and activate it time to time during my busy schedules. Wanna try it?

Visit The Extension Homepage.

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