Chrome Extension That Automatically Adds Numbers To Tabs

When we have to find something important that requires a lot of research on the Internet, we usually deal with dozens of tabs, and it is quite obvious also. However, then we mess in and forget which tab is at which number. Although we can manage tabs¬†easily using some extensions, but those extensions don’t help to add numbers to tabs. Adding numbers to tabs can help a lot to easily detect position of a particular tab. Therefore, we need a different extension for this. Fortunately, some extensions exist for this purpose and for most of the popular browsers. “01. Tabs” is one such extension.

01. Tabs is a Chrome extension that automatically adds numbers to tabs. So, if you have opened 10 tabs, then starting from the first tab, all the tabs will be numbered from 1 to 10. Do not get confused thinking what will happen to the numbering if you close some of the tabs from the middle or change the locations of the tabs. The numbering will auto-adjust itself if you make any change in the tabs opened. Fantastic, isn’t it! Let us see the extension in action.


I know the name of the extension is a bit different but it is fine. Install the extension on Chrome and the icon will appear on the top-right corner of the page as shown below.


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There is no need to enable the extension or click on it. The moment you install, it is activated immediately. Stop wasting time and start your work. Access different websites on different tabs and ’01. Tabs’ will number them for you. Then you can keep a track like which number contains which page/tab.

When you know the number of a tab, you can access it quickly using hotkey. For example, if I am at tab number 3 and I want to jump to tab number 8, then I will simply select Ctrl+8 in Windows/Cmd+8 on Mac to go to the tab number 8. You can also take the help of mouse cursor, whatever you are comfortable with.

Visit 01. Tabs.

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