Check Your Reading Speed On Any Webpage Using This Firefox Add-on

Reading text online or from other sources plays a good role in our career. The more we read, the more our speaking skills get better. Reading the text perfectly along with the good reading speed matters in almost every field. Whether you are a news reader, a reporter, public speaker, or have profession in some other field, reading is a crucial factor. Therefore, it is really important to check your reading speed to help you decide how good your reading speed is. There are many sources to test the reading speed and “Reading Speed Test” add-on is one such source.

Reading Speed Test is a free Firefox add-on using which you can check your reading speed online on any webpage. There are just a few simple steps which are required to do so. You can select text on a webpage to make it your reading sample. After that, you can start the reading speed test and get the result. The result shows the words per minute read by you and total time taken to read the sample. Let us see the working of the add-on and how it is going to test your reading speed.


Install the add-on from the link given at the end of the article and an icon will appear at the top-right corner highlighted in red above. Click on the icon and you will get the tutorial to use the addon.


Visit any webpage and select a paragraph to read. You can select the entire page or few paragraphs, your choice. Right-click on the selected text and click Reading speed test.


As you can see above, the selected text is confined in a container like structure and note that the stopwatch is already started. It is not visible but yes time is moving. The moment you chose the Reading speed test, it starts the timer. You can click on Restart to start again. Start reading the text and when done, click on Done.

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Once clicked on done, the timer will stop and show you the words in the text, time taken and words per minute you have read.


I know you must be thinking to change the color of the addon from yellow to some other fancy one but unfortunately, there is no setting regarding that. In fact, there are no settings at all, it is just an add-on to measure your reading speed. It is quite helpful, but you must be honest while reading the sample to get the accurate results.

Visit Add-on Homepage.

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