Change Text and Background Color of a Webpage With this Firefox Add-on

Have you ever thought of bringing the change in your web browser like changing the color of the text or background like you can do in Microsoft PowerPoint, Paint, etc.? Why am I saying this? Before you think anything else, I want you to know that the article is about a Firefox add-on. When we open webpages on Firefox or other browsers, we see the default text and background colors based on the website and the browser settings. No doubt that Firefox and other modern browsers come with their native features to change the font, text color and background color for webpages, but the changes are applied for all the entire browser. And when we have to view some webpage with default text and background color, we need to change settings again and again. Therefore, if you want to change text and background colors only for a particular tab temporarily, then TextAndBackgroundColorChanger Firefox add-on is quite useful.

TextAndBackgroundColorChanger is a Firefox add-on using which you can change the text and background colors of any tab with just a few clicks. Just install the add-on and an icon will appear at the top-right corner. It will show you three options – Text color, Background color, and Reset. As you can see, all these options are self-explanatory.

  • Text option will let you change the text of the webpage.
  • Background will change the background color.
  • Reset will reset the things to the default.

Take a look at the screenshot placed below. You can see I have changed the text color using this add-on.

text color changed

Everything is quite good, but there are some improvements that can make this add-on much better. At present, the add-on supports only 6 basic colors and the text color is not applied on the headings. Available colors are: White, Black, Green, Steel Grey, Blue, and Red. Also, for some webpages, the background color doesn’t work on the entire webpage. Only a few areas are covered. So, these are some points that I think should be considered to make the add-on better. Anyways, let’s move further and see the working of this add-on.

Once you install the add-on, it is ready to use. Open any webpage and click on the add-on icon. Three options will visible as explained above. Choose Text or Background option and the color palette will visible. Choose any color and see the changes.

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The colors are limited for both text and background but it’s good when you need to view text or background of a webpage in any of these colors. Anytime you can reset default settings using the third option. So, this is all we get with this add-on. Improvements can make this add-on a powerful and really useful. Currently, it has limitations but good to try.

Visit Add-on Homepage.

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