How To Capture Entire Webpage In Firefox Without any Add-on

In this tutorial, you will learn how to capture entire webpage in Firefox without any add-on. Recently, we covered a similar tutorial on how to capture webpage without any extension in Chrome. Those using Chrome can have a look at that tutorial and others who use Firefox as their default and daily use browser can follow this tutorial.

To capture screenshot of the whole webpage in Firefox without any external tool, we will take the help of Developer Toolbar. The screenshot will be captured and saved in a single click in PNG format. There is also PrintScreen key available to capture the whole desktop, but then we need to use some image editor or MS Paint to paste the captured screen, crop it, and save it. This feature of Firefox saves that time as screenshot is saved automatically.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Launch Firefox and access Menu bar. If Menu bar is not visible, then press ‘Alt’ key. After opening the Menu bar, click Tools > Web Developer > Developer Toolbar. You also use ‘F12’ hotkey.


Step 2: When the Developer Toolbar is opened, you need to open its Settings. You can do this by clicking that ‘Settings’ icon visible at the bottom right corner.

Step 3: When the settings page is in front of you. You need to find and enable ‘Take a screenshot of the entire page‘ option.


Step 4: The Camera icon will visible. This will visible always when you will open Developer Toolbar window.


Step 5: Use the Camera icon and it will capture the currently active webpage immediately and save it to the default download location in PNG format.

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So, this is the easier and built-in option available in Firefox to take the snapshot of the full webpage. Although, the web is full of free screenshot capture tools, plugins, apps, software, etc., but if you don’t prefer third-party tools, then you’re gonna like this feature. Try it.

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