Listen To Nature Sounds To Bring Peace, Relief in Stressful Life

Today, the growing technology in every field has changed our lives drastically. It has affected our well being, thinking of doing stuff, the way we judge, and the way we take decisions. And in this faster growing era, there are a lot of times when we lose our mind, think of going somewhere quiet; somewhere we can find peace and mindfulness. But the question is, are we able to get peace? Yeah, sometimes yes sometimes no! We try to find our own ways of to fight stress.
Calm, a free and meditation service comes in handy to guide us bring peace, relief, and mindfulness in our life. This service comes with different nature sounds (like Sunset Beach, Rain on leaves, Fireplace, Mountain Lake, and more) and listening to these sounds give a real peace (at least to me). You are also benefited with 7 days of freeĀ calm sessions. Each session is of 10 minutes in length.

7 days of calm sessions

You can use this service without any account and choose any sound as per the need. However, the service also provides theĀ free sign up process to keep your session history and access Calm info from any connected device. Oops, I forget to mention that Calm is also available for Android and other devices. Let’us see how to use this web app.


The moment you visit the service, you will start hearing the sound of birds chirping or sounds of sea waves and the below image will be seen.


In the above page, on the right side, there are motion wallpapers which you can choose to see or listen to the music from. So, just click on Begin and you will be presented next screen.


Here, you can click on the option “What is Mindfulness?” which will give you an idea how are going to be the meditation techniques. It is a 10 minutes video and the rest of the videos will be unlocked only if you will buy a subscription.


First of all, you can create an account so that at anytime in the future also, you can subscribe for any course. Account creation is really simple, just click on “Date, Regularity” option seen above and it will present a sign up screen.


You can either create a account or use your facebook account to get linked with calm.

Note: You will only be able to take one lesson of Basics of Meditation and to absorb all the lessons you will have to subscribe for the service. Subscription plans are presented below.


Remember, this service is for anyone who is unable to find time to do activities which can give relief from stress and tension. But we all can take advantage of it by just sitting at home at a place somewhere quiet.

So, this is a service of benefits. We will keep posting the information in the form of articles that can make our lives easier. Keep Reading and Keep Learning.

Try this service.

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