Bring Back The Removed ‘Network’ Icon In Windows 10 System Tray

Network icon (or you can say WiFi icon) visible in the system tray help us to select the WiFi network or some other network that we want to connect with. It remains in the system tray but possibly it has been removed from the system tray of your Windows 10 PC or laptop. Either you have removed it mistakenly or someone else has done that. To bring it back, you can use the following steps-

Open the “Settings” (use Start menu and press Settings option) and window and select the “System” menu.

open System menu

System menu has a lot of important options, but to display network icon you have to use the second option “Notifications & actions”. This option will explore many sub-options at the right section. Give a tap on “Turn system icons on or off” option.

turn system icons on or off option

Now you will see all the system icons that are turned on and off currently in your PC. You can look at the Network icon and if you find it is turned off, then simply turn on that icon.

turn on network icon

It will bring back the network icon in the system tray in a blink of an eye.

network icon visible again

Hope it will help you. If you have some other query or want to share something else with us, feel free to share your thoughts via comments section.

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