A Better Replacement To Chrome’s Ctrl+F, Find Multiple Words Together

Here comes a much better replacement to Chrome’s Ctrl+F feature in the form of an extension, which is known as “Twinword Finder“. If you ever wished to have an ungraded or advanced search while using Chrome browser, then this is the extension you must try.

This Chrome extension can find multiple words together, which can’t be done using normal Ctrl+F feature. All the keywords entered by you are highlighted in different colors in the search result. Also, it shows how many times a keyword has appeared in the search result. So, the search becomes powerful than normal search.


Two more features are there that make this extension perfect. Apart from finding and highlighting multiple words together, it can:

  • Highlight synonyms related to the keywords, if available.
  • Find paragraphs related to the keywords. When this option is activated, it highlights the relevant paragraphs and fades the rest of the content of the webpage.


So, the search becomes more specific and finding the relevant content becomes easier.

You can also adjust a few basic Settings. Use the Gear or Settings icon visible in the search box and a pop-up will be there. Now you can set the hotkey to activate the search box, enable Pro Ad version, enable/disable anonymous usage data, etc.


The Pro Ad version helps you adjust the distance level (when related paragraphs feature is activated) to enable broader or closely related search.


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Find and Highlight Multiple Words Using This Extension:

When the extension is installed in your Chrome browser, you can activate it using ‘Ctrl+Shift+F’ hotkey. This is the default hotkey but you can change it anytime.

When the extension is activated, its search box will appear at the top left side. Now you know what you have to do. Add multiple keywords and the search result will show them in different colors.


To make search more specific, use Enter key or Find icon (available in the search box). This will highlight paragraphs related to the keywords you have used.

This is how the extension works and is good for all the Chrome users.

Although the extension is really a better replacement to Ctrl+F search feature of Chrome, but it doesn’t actually replace the native search feature of Chrome. You can use this extension as well as Ctrl+F separately. I will keep using it til something better comes for me. If you also want to give it a try, hit the link added below.

Visit The Extension Homepage.

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