Seven Best Free Scientific 7 Minute Workout Android Apps

I have come across some best free scientific 7 minute workout Android apps to help you keep fit, active, and build muscles. You need to follow around 12 different exercises that can benefit you to be fit and active. I know we all have a busy life, therefore, the scientifically proven 7 minute workout can be very helpful to keep us fit. It covers all stretching, muscle building, and other things. And we all can easily spare 7 minutes from our busy schedule, isn’t it! You can do 7 minutes workout (some people also call it as High-intensity interval training (HIIT)) once, twice, or thrice a day depending on the time and your strength. We all have smartphones also. So, I have covered these scientific 7 minute workout Android apps (the most popular platform in terms of smartphones).

Before I go ahead and describe these scientific 7 minute workout Android apps, I would like to introduce you to the 12 crucial exercises that are used in almost all 7 minute workout apps, services, software, etc. These are:

  • Jumping Jacks.
  • Wall Sits.
  • Push-ups.
  • Abdominal Crunches.
  • Step-ups Onto a Chair.
  • Squats.
  • Triceps Dips On a Chair.
  • Planks.
  • High Knees Running In Place.
  • Lunges.
  • Push-ups and Rotations.
  • Side Planks.

You must have got enough idea how a scientific 7 minute workout Android apps can give an overall benefit to your body. Let’s start with the first app.

Johnson & Johnson 7minute Workout

This app starts with a warm up session and then the 7minute workout starts which consist of 12 basic exercises. The session is lead by the video of a real person and not the animated one and this gives a real feel when you start your 7 minute workout session. This is because a man actually doing exercises inspires more. The app also provides a complete guide on different workouts that you can do to tone your body. Everything is described with a video of a real instructor explaining you the meaning of the exercises & how important they are. It has 3 main features:

  • 7 minute workout that I explained above.
  • Smart Workout which has a mix of exercises, 2 cycles & each of them is 15:50 minutes long.
  • Workout Library which is a set of easy, medium and hard workouts.

If you have time you can go for workout library which has a lot to deliver and you can create your own workout as well. The best part is it is very simple to use and provides the training free of cost. Enjoy this app while working out. Johnson & Johnson 7minute Workout is around 72 MB in size.

Homepage of Johnson & Johnson 7minute Workout.

The Scientific 7-Minute Workout and The Advanced 7-Minute Workout by New York Times

7 minutes workout by New York Times

It is my favorite app since a very long time. The New York Times has come with a web application which provides both scientific and advanced 7 minute workout exercises. Although it is a web app but it can also be installed as an Android app. All you have to do is open its homepage, click that vertically aligned 3 dots (or you can say settings of your web browser) icon and tap on Add to Home Screen option.

The scientific 7 minute workout session provides 12 different exercises and advanced workout includes 9 exercises. When the session begins, an animated character is visible to help you how to do the exercise correctly. After every exercise, there is a break time and then you need to ready for the next exercise. It’s a brilliant app.

Click this link to open its homepage.

7minute Full Workout by Manatlan

This app (less than 2 MB) delivers a 7minute workout session with an animated video of an instructor showing how to do the exercises (same like above app). If you are in a hurry to go somewhere and need a stretch, then this 7minute Full Workout app is perfect. Just open the app and start the workout. No confusions, no plans, and no circuits.

The feature that I like the most is you can increase and decrease the workout time by clicking ‘-‘ on ‘+’ and ‘-‘ signs. You can increase or decrease the time by 5 seconds. So the app lets you set custom time to perform exercises.

Homepage of 7min Full Workout.

7minute Workout – Free Fitness by Wahoo Fitness

7minute Workout (Free Fitness by Wahoo Fitness) app is 6.17 MB in size and one of the useful scientific 7 minute workout Android apps. There are no courses here. Instead, there are 12 set of exercises. If you know how to do each one of them, then go ahead and click ‘Start Workout‘ button. Otherwise, click on the exercise that you don’t know and watch the video of an instructor about how to do it. Click on Start to start the exercises. The exercises have short breaks too.

After you finish the exercises, you can share your workout via email. You can go for Pro version also to make the application flexible for you. However, free version is good enough and therefore this app is a good option to try.

7 Minute Workout (Homepage).

7 Minute Workout by Simple Design Ltd

7 Minute Workout (by Simple Design Ltd.) is 13.69 MB in size and a good competitor to other scientific 7 minute workout Android apps. The features of this application are categorized according to different body parts. Features are:

  • Classic which is a 7minute full body workout which has 12 basic exercises.
  • 30 Days Challenge which consists of plans like easy, medium & hard which are for a month i.e. there will be a 7minute workout session everyday.
  • Other three are Abs workout, Butt workout & Leg workout for which you either have to pay or watch a video to unlock.

There are settings like TTS voice, rest set, a reminder for the workout, repeat circuits which are helpful to set the exercise level according to your time. Ads are quite annoying in this app which will keep coming and to disable them, you will have to pay. Also, you can enable the ads according to your age. So, apart from annoying ads, everything is good in this scientific 7 minute workout Anroid app.

Homepage of 7 Minute Workout.

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7 Minute Workout – Weight Loss by Lumowell Ego360


This scientific 7 Minute Workout Android app is 52.44 MB in size and provides categorizes for different people based on their levels. If you are a beginner, then choose the beginner course and start with the exercises. If you want to choose a higher level, then go for HIIT 30 days challenge that has some advanced exercises. Basically, at the beginner’s level, you have a set of exercises which can be done in 7 minutes and you can repeat them if you have more time. There are other levels which will be unlocked if you pay for them. There are tips related to Diet and Weight Loss which is good. Tools are there to track your progress. Exercise videos are there to show you how to do the basic ones. To unlock advanced exercises, you will have to pay. However, free version is perfect as 7 minute workout.

Homepage of 7 Minute Workout.

Seven – 7minute Workout by Perigee AB

Seven app is 44.45 MB in size and a very interesting 7 minute workout app. This app also starts the workout with a set of 12 basic exercises for 7 minutes which you can do and track your progress which is a good thing. There are circuits so you can increase them like 2, 3, etc., instead of doing only one 7minute circuit. You can choose your own instructor & voices as well from the options like strict or calm instructor voice.

There are plans like – Healthy, Weightloss, and Sporty which are paid. There are locked modes which will get unlocked only when paid- these are Lose Weight, Beach Ready, Get Fit, Focus, Special, Be Challenged. All these things come under Workout option. Other options are learn, achievements & track. You can also enter your body details and get the tips accordingly which is one of its interesting features. Achievements are like milestones that you complete like circuits finished, 7-month challenge.

Homepage of Seven.

So these are some best 7 minute workout apps for Android that I tested and found beneficial. Folks! I’m sure you all had a blast and celebrated new year like never before. We never forget to celebrate any festival which is a great thing, but we always forget that we should keep our body fit and active so that we can celebrate every small or big event even better. And for that, exercise, meditation and Yoga, and other things are necessary. Let’s make this new year healthy. You can try all of these scientific 7 minute workout Android apps and select the one that suits you and start the workouts. Remember, a healthy body always keeps your mind sharp and pro-active.

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